Let Us Be Your Consultant for Getting a Residence Permit in Greece

You can get a residence permit for yourself, your spouse and your children younger than 21 by buying a real estate for € 250,000 or more in Greece.

Residence permit

For your real estate purchases of € 250,000 and more, we are following all the steps for getting residence permit for you, your spouse, your children younger than 21 and your parents, remind you about renewal procedures at the end of 5-year period and make the applications required for 5-year extension. As long as you possess the properties, you do not experience any problem with the renewal.

Architecture / Decoration

You will be able to make any changes you wish to make at your house to create your dream house and you will never get tired for this as we are here for you and we will follow each step and share with you. All you need to do is to tell us about your requests. If you want to sell your well-maintained properties in the future, the sales price and current rental income are higher than other real estates.


Our lawyers will be at your service in all the legal stages of the real estate you like or the investment you want to make. They will prepare the required documents and you will only have to sign them and complete the final transactions.


Not only for real estates / investments worth € 250,000 and more, we are also at your service with our real estate agents to ensure that you get the right price for any kind of real estate you want to buy.


We want to minimize the problems you might encounter while adapting to a new country. So, we will always assist you about what you should do related to banking, hospital, shopping, furniture, electricity, installation, pets, etc., and where you can find these services, and you will no longer be required to think about these.


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