Frequently Asked Questions

How much and what kind of investment is needed to get a residence permit in Greece?
To get a residence permit, you need to invest in areas such as real estate (house, land) or direct hotel and hotel management with a minimum of € 250,000 or more.
I have a company and can I get a residence permit over the company?
Yes, you can get a residence permit by investing through your company. The most important point here is that if the you don't own 100% of the company's capital, then you have to invest as much as € 250,000 for each partner.
How many years of residence permit is granted? Who does it cover?
The residence permit in Greece is granted for a period of 5 years. As long as your investment continues and you do not sell the real estate you buy, it is renewed as 5-year periods. Residence permit covers you, your spouse, your children under the age of 21 (if any, your children from your spouse you divorced), and the parents of yours and your spouse.
Am I going to pay taxes on the investments I make?
Apart from the costs of compulsory and legal charges (such as notary public, lawyer, land registry etc.) that you have to pay when you buy real estate, you have to pay real estate tax every year for the real estate, as well as income tax if you earn rent income. For hotel and hotel management investment, you need to pay taxes like value added tax and corporate tax.
How long does the investment process take?
The entire process, including investing in the place you liked in Greece and obtaining a residence permit, takes a month or two. The longest process here is you to decide the place you will invest in and to complete the necessary procedures. After these are done, the application for residence permit is made and it is required to wait for the Greek authorities.
How will we solve your children's educational situation?
This is a very important issue for the families. Although we will always tell you the most detailed information related to this, let us briefly explain. No matter how old your children are, there are opportunities to study at foreign schools because there are English, American, German, and French schools in Greece. All lessons are compulsory in the mother tongue of the school and Greek lesson is given until the middle school age. In the majority of schools, they have the opportunity to make friends from various countries as they will study together with the children of expat families. In the education system, they will not have exams continuously and experience the stress related to this.
There other types of investments I would like to make, can you help with them?
You can call us for any kind of investment you are considering. We have the capacity to fully support you for any kind of investment you will make in Greece.