Investment in Greece

Whatever the purpose is, whether a good plan B, making an investment that returns in short term, or opening doors for a new, beautiful and less stressful life. We are here to introduce you the alternatives suitable to your expectations and to finalize the procedures quickly and accurately.

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What would you get by investing in Greece?

In order to get a residence permit, you have to invest € 500.000 in Portugal and Spain, but only € 250.000 in Greece.

The real estate prices falling by 40% to 50% after the crisis in 2008 in Greece will give you unique opportunities.

Positive people, good food, good service, traffic-free life, not losing time, beautiful and green nature, low-rise buildings, clean air, clean sea, as well as good investment opportunities.

With the feeling of free life that Greece, a safe country free from stress, you will experience the peace of mind you are longing for.

Greeks are very open to business and new ideas. If you decide to live here after receiving the residence permit, you will also see this very clearly. Obviously, it is not possible to find this warmth in another European country.

It is an incredibly comfortable country in terms of transportation. Especially, there are 7-8 round-trips from Istanbul, and it increases in summer. The calmness of the airport, quick procedures, not waiting for a taxi, and the fact that all of them are very organized gives an incredible positive energy.


Access to Residence Permit With a Low Cost

There are decisions that some European countries have taken in this issue; Greece is one of the most economical solutions in the Mediterranean region. Countries like Portugal, Spain, where the minimum property value should be € 500,000 Euro, and Cyprus, where the minimum property value should be € 300,000, are very expensive solutions compared to Greece where similar conditions are only € 250,000.

Unique Investment Opportunities

As non-EU citizens, you have the opportunity to invest in Greece, where real estate prices are at the lowest level. The last five-year decline was 30% in the Greek real estate market, while it was 15% increase in Spain and 2% increase in Portugal. This offers incredible and unique opportunities.

Legal Rights Granted by Greece

With the law no. 4146/2013 entering into force on 18 April 2013, Greece started to grant a renewable five-year Greek residence permit to the foreign investor who invested at least € 250,000 in residential real estate physically located in Greece. Those investing over € 250,000 will be granted a residence permit for five (5) years and this residence permit can be renewed indefinitely (once in every five years) provided that the investor still possesses the real estate. However, residence permits do not allow any employment right.

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